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A post-graduate in Mass Communication, Sukhjit Singh never even had the idea that such a department existed when he set his foot on the Panjab University campus back in 2004.
The university gave Sukhi, as he is popularly know on the campus, the stage and once he was on it, it was like he was born for it.

The sense of timing, of understanding his audience and of keeping them engaged – all came very naturally to him. And this led to him join the Mass Communication department.
There he learned the fine nuances of handling the camera, capturing beautiful shots and editing a shoot to perfection. It was here that he came with the University’s first online channel – CampusTV.

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From doing celebrity interviews to capturing every happening in the campus, the channel gained popularity within a short time and was a hit. There started Sukhi’s tryst with the camera – and what was to become a lifetime profession for him.

Sukh Studios was a novel concept – the idea of a pre-wedding photoshoot was still nascent North India. Sukhi combined his talent of capturing moments candidly with his skill of editing with finesse and precision, and within a short span of time, Sukh Studios became a brand to reckon with. In less than 3 years, Sukhi has covered events ranging from weddings to birthdays to retirement parties and portfolio photoshoots.

If memories do last forever, Sukhjit’s is one that not in a distant past was busy pursuing a Doctorate in Botany. What was to follow, instead, was a journey that was worth a click every minute.

And that is exactly what Sukhjit does. He captures moments. Moments, that in the candidness of their happening, give birth to memories that last forever. If you too would like a memory to be shared with generations, give Sukhjit a chance. He will capture some moments in their finesse, with his innate skill, for you to relive.

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